Just finished making a batch of mango jelly downstairs, which so be done refrigerating in about.. 4-5 hours.
But yeah, I don’t think I ever uploaded the second batch of my Hong Kong photos (ones taken after our short trip to Macau) so here’s a few food shots ㅋ
Whilst shopping at Marketplace (I think..) at Sha Tin, I stumbled upon a box of really cutely shaped macaroni and I couldn’t leave the store without it. These are even cuter than the moose shaped pasta from IKEA.
 Mind you, they didn’t taste as good as they looked but hey at least I got a couple of photos out of them!
The week leading up to our departure for Australia, Mum had a couple of meetups with her old highschool/work friends, which in another words meant a lot of all you can eat hotel seafood buffets. mmmm. The first seafood buffet we had was at the Novotel in Jordan, were our table was conveniently about 5 steps away from the sashimi bar. My meal that night basically consisted of salmon and tuna sashimi and a really nice chicken broth/soup.

Before we went back to Hong Kong, my mum booked a High Tea for 4 at a little cafe in a shopping centre I’ve forgotten the name of – but we never quite found the right time to head over there. So a couple of days before leaving we finally made some time to go.

now playing: 그해여름 (in the summer) – 인피니트



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