Eustress is a kind of ‘positive’ stress that keeps people happy and excited about life. So next time you’re stressed about something – don’t be. Simple yet effective.

So the past week weeks (the past few days in particular) have been a little hectic. I guess I can’t say I didn’t say all this work came out of nowhere because to be honest I’ve just been kind of sitting at the computer doing other things whilst watching the work pile up… hah… bad choice.

But today’s the start of my easter break – and 12 days for me to get at least 1 (or if I want to dream big 1.5) reports done. One’s a case study on women’s basketball (yes, that actually exists), and the other’s a service report.. which requires me to have actually experienced some sort of service. Not much clue how I’m supposed to start yet.

And then I also have a group discussion I need to write up my part for, and also a marketing plan that I need to wrap my head around. ㅠㅠ

Boring stuff over, the gelly nailpolish I ordered off ebay came in the mail! Yet to try it out though, ’cause I literally cut my nails (right down) the day before it came, and I really don’t like the look of nailpolish on short/stubby fingernails.

I’m pretty sure it’s just with kinspirit’s, but they seem so much more secretive with their goods. It’s never just selling a photobook, it’s always you have to donate a certain amount of money and a little photobook as a gift. Like I said earlier, I already donated to a few sites for myungsoo’s birthday, and since their comeback was in the same month, that’s even more money I have to fork out for comeback supports. OTL So now I’m still deciding between spring-rain (which I have to donate $80 to get a 100pg photobook) and lkimfan/monodrama ($50 for a 60pg photobook and a tin case with 30 photos that I already get from the project I donated to earlier). I definitely can’t donate to both because that’s $130… and seeing as the ‘That Year’s Summer’ DVD is coming out soon (which is looking to be around $100)… that’s way too much money to be spending ㅠㅠ

now playing: 미아 – IU


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