a little warmth

I admit, I was really hesitant to go to the wedding service this morning, just thinking about the amount of work that’s still not done (that I said I would do these holidays..). I didn’t think it’d be worth going if I were to just spend the whole time worrying about the work that I had to do. But ‘screw it all!’ I said, and got ready in the shortest amount of time I’d ever taken. (Which resulted in me forgetting to take my camera.. ㅠㅠ) I ended up sitting in the last row at the back of the church, and could barely hear the bride and groom say their vows over the constant shutter sounds of the 500 dslr camera’s that they had hired. The bride walked down the aisle to ‘Canon in D (major)’, I think.. and whilst singing the wedding registers the ‘piano trio’ played ‘Can you feel the love tonight’.
I’m not sure if it’s because I’m studying event management, but everytime I attend weddings, parties, and anything of the kind, I always seem to be looking at the faults/issues/things they could’ve fixed or done better…
It started to pour when my sister and I got dropped off at home, and what better way to make a rainy afternoon spent doing homework than to make a hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows)!

now playing: hopeless valentine – nell


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