happy birthday to l ♡ l-kim.com

A surprise package came in the mail 2 days ago! It kept me thinking throughout the whole day at uni about what it could be, seeing as I hadn’t ordered anything off ebay/etsy for while…
But alas! It was the birthday goods I got for donating to make sense‘s birthday support for myungsoo’s birthday~!
What the package included:
  • 1x DVD (7 performance fancams, 1 compilation of short fancam clips)
  • 5x unseen, unwatermarked printed photos
  • 1x notepad
  • 1x make sense/myungsoo guitar pick
  • 1x magnet(?) I still haven’t tested it out yet though….
  • 3x ‘What is Mom’ make sense’s food support stickers
  • 1x myungsoo’s 22nd birthday support make sense sticker
  • 1x gold electromagnetic wave cell phone sticker – I still don’t really get k-fans’ obsession with these ㅡ3ㅡ

Which reminds me that I still have a package from spring-rain and lkimfan that are still to arrive~

I’m also tossing up whether or not I can afford to buy any of the magazines Infinite have been in lately (dazed & confused, vogue, 1st look) since the ‘That Summer Concert’ DVD is coming out soon… ah.. poo…

now playing: 악몽 (feat. 정일훈 Of BTOB) – 2YOON


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