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Just when I thought the busiest week of uni was over… somehow 5 pieces of assessment creep up on me. There’s an in lecture quiz that’s worth 30% on this Friday which I haven’t started studying for, because I’m too preoccupied with the group assignments that are due pretty soon.
Not to mention the only 2 exams I have on in exam block are conveniently on the same day. An 8AM (Korean) and a 5:45PM (Sponsorship) on the 14th, so I might as well stay at uni to study.
But on the brighter side of things, the birthday good from lkimfan should be arriving sometime this week. ㅎㅂㅎ
now it’s back to memorizing this korean script… boo…
I’m nodding off at the computer after not sleeping a wink last night ㅠㅠ


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