Try not to grow up too fast, and when you do grow up, try not to let the *uphappy things of life distract you from the goodness of life because it’s out there; you just have to look for it. The crappiest thing about crappy things, is that they’re obvious. They’re like easy to spot… but the good things, the positive spins, and the traces of happiness can be lost in the crowd real quick.

– Elliot Morgan

So I’ve gotten most of my marks back from earlier submissions, and I have to say, for some of the pieces that I managed to finish in a ridiculous amount of time (I’m looking at you 2000 literature review that was done in 2 hours… and the 3 page case analysis I powered out in less than 45 minutes…) I think I did a bloody good job. And probably didn’t deserve most of the marks that I did end up getting – because I honestly can’t say I learnt a single thing from any of them.

And it also puts me in a tough spot when there’s always that one friend, who puts in so much effort than you – starting months before the due date, and asking 50 questions per lecture, subsequently landing them in a first name basis with the lecturer, but gets a worse mark than you. And you’re left to feel guilty while they complain about how the assignment guidelines were unclear/the lecturer is stupid/the marking criteria is rigged. I literally just sit there and half smile and nod. What else am I supposed to say… I suck at comforting people. I suck at dealing with people in general.

While on one hand, I’m thankful I did well; this does nothing to help my procrastinating situation.

Also considering going on exchange to Korea for the second half of next year. I haven’t exactly thought it through yet though. It’d be a great experience, and everyone’s been telling me I should. And some parts of me do feel like I would learn so much more just being there, and forced to use Korean than sitting in class where the lecturer is speaking in Korean and English… But then there’s money issues, not to mention all the paperwork. And people. Not wanting to deal with people is probably going to be a big problem isn’t it… Maybe I should just take one step at a time and not get too ahead of myself. Baby steps; with the first being asking the lecturer if I’m actually eligible (with me not having that many Korean courses left to take – or any at all..)

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