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My copy of L’s Bravo Viewtiful finally arrived today! The wait actually felt like forever, since I pre-ordered sometime back in April. This will definitely come in the next few days when I’m mentally preparing myself to start studying or exams.
I definitely won’t understand every single word, but I will definitely try read each and every comment in the book since it was written personally by Myungsoo. Maybe when I have more time, I’ll go searching around the internet for people who have translated each of the pages, and write down the translations on post it notes and stick it on each page… Something for the June holidays maybe. ^ㅂ^
I just had a quick flip through the book and I’m excited to get started on it tonight (it’ll probably take me a while to get through all the comments as well as appreciate the photos..)

There’s lots of talk of Infinite ‘losing their rookie mindsets’, and to some extent, I agree. But I think it’s more the case of they’ve had to change because circumstances have changed. (Maybe some members more than others…) They’re definitely not the ‘oppas’ that they were on ‘You are my Oppa’ back in 2010, but that’s a given.. right? Dorms, practise rooms, album sales; everything has upgraded – and I don’t think there’s any group out there that’s been able to resist changes because of those.

On a totally different subject though, I’m done with their so-called ‘japanese promotions’. No interest whatsoever. I don’t think Woollim sees Japan as anything more than a cashcow. The only group(s) I think that have actually tried at Japanese promotions (apart from Boa/DBSK ofc) to this day is still only DGNA.

now playing: 밥은 제때 먹는지 – LEDapple


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