3 more days till my 2 exams.

I was doing fine with studying up until Friday. But haven’t achieved anything since then. For my events course, I’ve written my 13 double sided pages of notes – and my style of ‘studying’ is really just memorizing all my notes so yay, I’m going to have fun… As for Korean, I honestly haven’t even looked touched it yet. My mum drove me into uni on Saturday so I could collect my workbook (which apparently we would need to study for the exam) but the uni office is closed on Saturdays apparently…. So I had to head back in this morning. There’s a couple of sentence pattern’s I’m not 100% with, but other than that it’s just a matter of getting the right spelling for the vocab. And memorizing a few sentences here and there~
Onto more exciting news though, INFINITE WORLD TOUR!!!11222ELEVEN!! The press conference was such a mess on Woollim’s part, but oh well it’s behind us now anyway. No need to state the obvious, but Australia/Oceania isn’t in their ‘World Tour’ plans (But who knows, there’s a 0.001% chance they’ll add us to the ‘etc’ part of the list ㅡㅂㅡ”). But luckily, they’ll be having the second leg of their tour in Hong Kong on August 18th which just so happens to be a certain someone’s birthday ㅎㅂㅎ so I’ll be flying over a couple days earlier since August 14th is Ekka Holiday, so the plan is to skip Thursday/Friday of uni and hopefully fly out Tuesday night.
Mum also suggested the idea of going to Seoul for the few days beforehand. but not sure. Even though I’ve been once already (for 5 days, but really was 3 since we spent 2 days at the concert venue…) Seoul still kind of feels like a ‘Holy Land’ to me; one where I need to mentally prepare myself for… Not to mention all the planning that I need to do in terms of maps/places of things to do ㅠㅠ
But Hong Kong on the other hand, I can go shopping in familiar places and buy things off my ‘Presents for Infinite’ list. (Yes, I have a list called ‘presents for infinite’… don’t judge.)
Sorry for the wall of text, obviously been in no mood to take photos of anything; and I might as well wait for the tripod I recently bought to arrive before posting anything relatively interesting.

now playing: Peter Pan – EXO


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