keep burning myself on the side of this hot waterbottle + webtoon recommendations

Since the past 2 weeks (well technically one for me..) have been filled with exams, we haven’t had the time/opportunity to go out to have dinner as a family – so in celebration of Hailey’s last exam (which she did online yesterday), we went to 7-8 tonight~ It’s the first time we’ve been since it moved from it’s last shop, which was quite a long time ago. I guess I’d been kind of putting off going since everyone’s whose been has said that the foods not as good as it used to be…

I’m proabbly the least adventurous person when it comes to food, so I ordered what I used to order at the old shop, the Beef Hot Pot, along with a ‘Childhood Memory’. (chocolate syrup + milk + ice-cream + more chocolate syrup) The drink came literally 2 minutes after we had placed our order which was surprising – seeing as it used to take them a good 15 – 20 minutes. The hot pot also tasted the same~ if not better… or I might have just been really hungry… (So hungry that I didn’t even have time to take photos ㅠㅂㅠ) But yes! Definitely putting it back on my radar of my ‘go-to restaurants’.
As a method of constantly improving my Korean, I’ve developed a habit of reading a Korean ‘webtoon’ before bed each day, (Download link for the Android app here) that get uploaded on specific days of the week on a weekly basis. The content of all of them are pretty easy to understand, the drawings are nice to look at, and most importantly, the fonts are easy to read.
So here are the ones that I’m currently caught up with:
  • 와라! 편의점 (Welcome to the Convenience Store)
    • I do admit, I started reading this because Myungsoo was doing the voice dubbing for one of the characters in the animation adaptation, but it’s actually a pretty funny comic. They throw in a couple of pop culture references (Korean of course) here and there, and relatively short compared to the others listed here. You don’t need to start at ‘Chapter’ 1, but it does help with getting to know the characters/references.
  • 역전! 야매요리
    • Growing to be one of my favourites, each chapter is stand alone so you can start anywhere. Each chapter is basically a problem then a recipe to solve the problem, with a whole lot of humor thrown into the mix. The author is also a big Go Soo and SHINee fan~ ^ㅂ^”
  • 시간의 섬
    • Follows a storyline, so you have to read from chapter 1. Basic plot summary is a group of 10-15 people are shipwrecked on an island after their cruise ship sinks(?), and they find out that time on the island is actually slower than time in the ‘real world’ (From memory, the sun sets after 5 hours or something like that on the island..) Amongst the survivors, there’s an girl group member, a terminally ill boy (who’s my favourite at this point..), a tomboy, a grade 12 ‘nerd’, a young girl genius, a hot headed young boy, and a few others, but they’re your more ‘stereotypical’ characters.

and the latest one I’ve just started reading:

  • 알게뭐야
    • Another storyline webtoon, so read from chapter 1. Chapter 1 is what’s happening in the present, and chapter 2 onwards is what happened in the past to lead to chapter 1. I started this one ’cause someone on instiz posted a new post about how ridiculously young a 27 year old cartoonist(?) looked. The drawings of this webtoon are really, really well done! And the use of color/gradations are unique. The plot basically goes normal boy at school with an over enthusiastic friend (who’s not the best looking out of the bunch) who suggests they enter a modelling competition for a magazine – and everything takes off from there~

now playing: no more dream – 방탄소년단 (who might I add are taking over my life atm…)


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