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This post was supposed to be posted a week ago, but the internet was capped (how on earth did we use all 500gb in a month…) and then I went away on small group vacation; so here it is~!
The ‘special goods’ that came with donating >$50 to lkimfan’s ‘happy l-day 2013’ project (for myungsoo’s birthday). I think I was supposed to get these back in April/mid May, but only got them last week after countless emails and tweets back and forth to lkimfan, and a lost package.

 Package included:
  • 2013 ‘Keep Dreaming’ Calendar
  • 1x Tin case with 30 myungsoo photocards
  • 7x unwatermarked photos
  • 1x 엘/L earphone cap
  • 46 Stickers (I think she felt bad for sending this out so late – hence the ridic amount…)
    • 14x Follow Him ‘@INFINITELKIM’ stickers
    • 9x ‘Happy 22nd Birthday’ stickers
    • 11x Man in Love Cultwo Radio Show food support stickers
    • 12x Infinite ‘Man in Love’ stickers

I’m kind of disappointed with the calendar, especially seeing as I was supposed to get the 60p ‘L in Love’ photobook and not the calendar. No to mention the communication with lkimfan was kind of terrible.. If I hadn’t chased her up about it, I’m pretty sure it’d be 2014 already. So even if some of her photos are breathtaking, I’ll probably be refraining from donating to any of that sites projects anymore.
Also picked up a package from spring-rain when I got home from camp today, so photos will be up by the end of the week if I’m not lazy. The 100p photobook is perfect, no joke.

now playing: romantic love – hello venus


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