Late Night Cafeteria: Lee Jonghyuk’s 만추/Manchu!

In order to raise their viewer ratings, KBS added a new corner into the long running ‘sauna’ variety show, ‘Happy Together’, where guests come with a late night snack recipe and one will get chosen at the end of the episode to be added onto their cafeteria menu. Their menu’s are presented in a box (think mystery box from Master Chef) with a sign on the front with the price and cooking/preparation time stuck on the front.
Amongst all of the recipes that have been presented, there’s been one recipe that stuck with me, and that I’ve been wanting to try out for a long time (because of the simplicity of the ingredients); that is Lee Jonghyuk’s (yes, Junsu’s dad~) home made take on the amusement park classic ‘Churros’, ‘만추/Manchu’! The name comes from the fact it’s made with dumpling skins (두피) which are then used to make churros (로스).


  • Dumpling Skins (make sure their not wonton skins…)
  • Cinnamon Sugar (make your own with just white sugar + grounded cinnamon powder)
First you want to separate the appropriate number of pieces of dumpling skins, ie. how many do you want to eat?
Now all you have to do is place the dumpling skin on top of your previously prepared cinnamon sugar, and press lightly on the dumpling skin so that there’s sugar stuck on both sides of the skin. (Or press hard if you prefer a lot of sugar on your churros, but don’t worry, we’ll be adding more sugar after frying!)
!! If you find that not much sugar is sticking on properly, you can dip your finger in some water and wipe the dumpling skin quickly~

Roll, roll, roll!!

And you’re 75% done!

 Then you just fry them in a bit(?) of oil! For a healthier option (why would you even be eating this though), you can also grill/bake them. Fry them till they’re golden brown, and place them on a drying rack to get rid of excess oil.
Finish off the manchu by rolling them again in the cinnamon sugar, and you’re done!

now playing: 물 좋아 – 4minute


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