le temps qui a de l’eclat ♡ spring-rain.net

One of the other ‘Man in Love’ comeback projects I donated to apart from lkimfan’s, was spring-rain‘s. I know there’ve been rumours of her being a sasaeng fan, and looking through the photobook, I can see how people got the idea, but I really do want to give her the benefit of the doubt. Mostly because she’s friendly to international fans, and her replies on twitter are always polite, and more importantly because the close up shots she has of Dongwoo (where he’s actually looking at the camera) are of him smiling at her, and he doesn’t look uncomfortable in any way.
But yes! The special benefits for donating >$50 was a 100 page photobook, and 3 bromide sized posters. I think the original posts said 10 small photos of Dongwoo, but the posters are such nice quality that I don’t really mind~
I’m hesitant to show pictures of the actual photos, so here’s just the cover and spine~ The photobook is actually a horizontal one (most other fan photobooks I’ve seen/have are vertical), so the photos are even easier/bigger to look at!

now playing: baby i’m sorry – MYNAME


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