one great step

Never had such a crazy, but at the same time lazy day until yesterday.

The day started at 7:45, and I planned to be out the door by 8:15 – which didn’t go so well unlike the day before where it actually worked… So I headed for the Asia World Expo at 8:30-ish, and took the bus (FOOL) when I should’ve taken the Airport express since it only costs $60 for travelling on the same day… anyways, I got there around 9:15 ish and there were already groups of fans scattered around the place, with no line for merch in sight (the sole reason I went so early ㅠㅠ). But seeing some fans holding bags of gifts, I thought they had prepared bins for gifts, which made me panic because I had made the decision earlier that morning to leave my gift to Dongwoo at home (after an unsuccessful delivery to him at the airport). So for some stupid reason, I made the trip all the way back home to get the gift, which took around another hour and 15 minutes, and hurried back to the stadium thinking, for some odd reason, that they weren’t selling merch.
But to my displeasure, by the time I got back to the stadium, there were already about 200-300? (i’m really bad at estimating..) people lining up for merch, so I quickly joined the line while mentally crying inside. Ended up sitting in line from about 11 – 3. And did nothing. Literally nothing…
Just when I thought my birthday couldn’t get any better, by the time it was my turn to buy good, the lightstick and clear folders which were 2 of the things I wanted to buy, had already sold out. But in hindsight, I guess it’s a good thing(?) The clear files I bought at Second Invasion last year are still collecting dust and apart from Myungsoo have set to see the light of day. So I ended up buying a poster set, a towel (which I thought was a cheering towel.. but nope, literally a towel), and a ticket book. Which I had no idea what it was, but turns out is like a photo album, but you put tickets to concerts/musicals/movies/etc in it~
After several more hours of sitting around, getting told that you weren’t supposed to sit around, being shoved around my fans who practically killed anyone in their way of these tiny business card sized member cards, and trips to T2 for food, they finally started letting us in the stadium at around 7:30.
Now, the thing you should know here is that I had a balcony ticket for Block 14, row T. Yes, row bloody T. The 20th row. I had actually been dredding the concert a bit the night before, because I thought I’d be so far back, I’d be watching the concert happen in front of me, but not actually be apart of the concert – if that makes any sense at all. Row T definitely wouldn’t have been my first preference for tickets, if not for the fact that they were randomly distributed during presale. The only positive thing at this point was that it was Block 14, which is the side that Myungsoo/Dongwoo/Sunggyu are usually on for most of their choreography.
But luckily, when I got there, the seat had a much clearer view of the stage than I had imagined, thanks to it being the seats right above the exits to the stadium. So not only did I get an unobstructed view of the stadium, I also had a metal bar in front of me which acted as a tripod for all my fancams, meaning that I a) didn’t have sore arms by the end of the concert and b) have steady fancams that aren’t shaking due to the lack of muscle in my arms. Which brings me to another point that I was super happy about. Now, after going to several k-pop concerts where taking photos/filiming was heavily frowned upon and those who did would either have their memory card taken and then erased, or even kicked out of the show, I was preparing myself to ninja my camera through the eagle eyes of the workers(?) by covering the screen of my camera with a black cheering banner/cloth, and then strategically placing it in my hand to make it look like I wasn’t filiming. But turns out they didn’t care at all, everyone was filming/taking photos. Which I’m still having mixed feelings about, because on one hand I got really nice videos to remember the concert by, but on the other, no oone in block a and b were holding lightsticks because they were too busy holding their cameras, and it just didn’t look as nice because the rest of the stadium was glowing with ‘pearl gold’.
I don’t really have anything specific in terms of the concert to talk about, since I really wasn’t that close to the stage to have anything that exciting/personal to report.
But I’ll definitely post some gifs/videos later of some of the footage I managed to get c:

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