Things I’ve learnt about myself

Whilst I’ve been overseas countless times, there have only been 2 cases where I’ve travelled without my family. The first being February 2012 to Seoul for Infinite’s first solo concert, and the second being August 2013 to Hong Kong for Infinite’s world tour. But technically speaking, the trip to Seoul wasn’t ‘by myself’ since I met up with Leng in Singapore and flew/stayed in Seoul together for 4-5 days. But anyway, that’s not the point.

Even when it’s travelling to a familiar place like Hong Kong, where I used to travel to every year for Christmas, and where I can get by with my pitiful Cantonese, I found myself doing things that I would’ve have done if I were travelling with my family. So here are some of the ‘observations’ that I realized after looking back onto the trip.
  • I’m uncomfortable with unfamiliarity. I would rather go to familiar places twice/three times rather than go once to a place that I’ve never been to.
  • If it’s a shopping centre I’ve been to before, I will go to the same restaurant and order the same food and drink as I did last time.
  • I’d do anything to avoid peak hour on transport/restaurants. ie. spending 30-45 minutes in a bookshop pretending to look at books that I have absolutely no interest in/can’t even read because they’re in Chinese.
  • I would rather walk around Mong Kok for an hour and 45 minutes, walking past the same intersection several times than ask someone for directions.
  • I prefer the MTR over bus. When it’s the other way around when I travel with my sister/mum.
  • I get super self conscious/worry way too much about what people will think of me when I’m out. I didn’t take a single photo (apart from at the concert) because I didn’t want people to judge me.
  • I’m a pushover when it comes to ordering. If they give me the wrong food/something doesn’t come, I don’t complain and just eat/take when I get.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

On a sidenote, my bank account is about to cry just thinking about the things that are on my wishlist/will need money for in the upcoming months ㅠㅂㅠ
  • Myungsoo’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2
  • Infinite Destiny in America Making DVD
  • L-aile’s Support Project ($75)
  • DWHome’s Support Project ($85)
  • Turningpoint/Light of April’s Support Project ($90)

that’s not even all the support projects i’m already being selective i can probably only afford one, but will most likely donate to 2.. someone save me from myself.

don’t even get me started on mama 2013… don’t even get me started….

now playing: 진격의 방탄 – bangtan boys


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