iWelcome myself

I am now an iPhoner.
Crazy world.
The second level of our house got broken into yesterday, while we were home eating dinner on the first floor. We didn’t even realize anything had happened, till my sister realized that her iPad was gone, which was odd because she used it just before she had dinner. We looked around for a while before I gave up, and then she realized that her phone was gone as well. My mum then told me to call my sister’s phone with my phone, which is when I realized that my phone wasn’t on my study where I last left it.
The maximum amount of time they had to get into, steal, and get back out of our house was 20 minutes, in which they managed to steal 2 phones, an iPad mini, and 2 wallets (and emptied my sister’s pilate’s bag to put everything in I assume…).
On the bright side, they could’ve taken a lot more expensive things, like the laptop that was sitting on the group that they had to have stepped over to get to my desk. And  luckily they didn’t take any of the Infintie CD’s that I have displayed on my shelf, which all together is worth much, much more than just my Samsung Galaxy S2, and my wallet which only had $70 cash tops in it.
Lucky for me the only significant card I had in my wallet was my keycard for my bank, but without my PIN they can’t press any money anyway so… still had to call in to get it cancelled though. What a pain. On top of that I had to call up my phone server to block my phone’s IMEI, and cancel that SIM card, and get a new uni ID card so I could buy a new go card.

I’ve always been a bit jealous of the amount/variety of iPhone cases though, in comparison to the very, very basic Galaxy ones (for my price range of nothing over $5). Definitely time for some ebay madness on the holidays, or during SWOTVAC to be honest.


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