Sugar Rush

I think I’m going to pass on sugar for the next month or so…
The first fix was on Thursday when I was handed 11 packets of free haribo’s on the way down to the bus stop… Mind you in hindsight 11 packets probably wasn’t a lot, seeing as they’re all gone now aha…

And today, I thought I’d kick off the upcoming week of cramming/SWOTVAC to a nice start, so I finally got around to making one of the two popin’ cookin’ boxes that I bought in Hong Kong last year. The two sets that I bought were the sushi making one and the obento making set.


Okay, so the ‘rice’ (that was lemonade flavoured if I remember correctly), wasn’t too bad, and neither was the octopus shaped sausage and the broccoli, but everything else (the eggroll, soba and karage) was kind of.. really disgusting.
Seeing as everything was made out of powder, I expected everything to be 100% sugar (and for the most part it probably was), but not everything was sweet! The rice had a tangy taste, the green broccoli in the back there was grape flavoured, and for the most part tasted quite nice.
It took me around 45 minutes to make everything – the one that took the longest to make was the onigiri (hidden quite nicely behind the panda for obvious reasons).
I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to making the sushi one now.
On a totally unrelated side note, B TEAM ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I was literally in tears during the ‘Climax’ performance (starting during Hanbin’s rap), all the way through to their interview, and then Bobbi’s attempt at a video message to his parents made it even worse.

now playing: gun – nine muses


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