One more Korean exam tomorrow, and I’m finished university for 2013!

Studying for that will start today, after I finish up the website for our make belief event ‘True Blue Festival‘. It’s been an assignment that’s carried over through the semester – with 3 presentations and a written component so I’ve kind of grown pretty attached to it. (Though I won’t be sad when it’s over and we hand it in tomorrow.)
The exam yesterday went terrible. That’s all I’m going to say about that. 4 essays in 2 hours is as impossible in practise as it sounds.
Also, I finally got my mum to get the 2 disposable camera’s I finished using like 3 years ago developed. A couple of them were just blank ones (the button was pressed while it was in my bag aha..) but there’s a couple of keepers. Even though I have a polaroid, I really don’t use it that often compared to when I did when I used disposable cameras, so I should probably get back into the habit of using one… Developing them were a bit expensive though :c it was like $17/18 for 2.
Anyways.. I should probably start attacking this Korean study – that way I can actually sleep tonight~

now playing: 아무것도 몰라요 – fiestar


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