it’s (almost) c-c-christmas! ^ㅂ^

What do you get when you mix aeroplane jelly + 250mL hot water + 1 tbsp gelatine + 1 tsp gelatin + 1 tbsp sugar + 100mL cold water? Christmas tree jellies, ofc!

These were for our Christmas party that we had yesterday! Added some coconut on the trees as ‘snow’, and they just so happened to highlight the tree better, which was unintentional…

Christmas tree and Rudolph cake pops that a friend made! The Rudolph ones were red velvet, while the Christmas tree’s were chocolate~!

We also did Secret Santa, by just drawing numbers, and I drew number 7 which turned out to be an 8gb hamburger usb ehehe >ㅂ< I’m not sure when I’ll use it since I’ve already got one I’m using, but it’s a nice novelty usb~!
Anyways, I didn’t actually have much to write about.. just wanted to post some photos~

now playing: nothing…


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