pablo on brunswick

Last… Friday (if I remember correctly), the usual few of us decided to go to brunch (at 10:30am might I add.. which I would usually call breakfast.) After some ‘research’ and suggestions, as well as a brief discussion in the car while parked at the side of the road, we decided to go to Pablo in New Farm (mostly because none of us had been before).
I was far from hungry at the time, seeing as I had just had an early breakfast with my mum; which consisted of a very filling preserved egg and pork congee, 油炸鬼 (deep fried ‘dough sticks’), fried noodles, and a drink.
But it was off to ‘brunch’ not even an hour after I had eaten. Lucky for me, the menu item I ended up going with was a soup (which I always have room for) c:
Took some *~*artistic shots~*~ of the milkshakes the others ordered. I stuck with water seeing as the lemon tea I had for breakfast was still sitting pretty in my stomach… I couldn’t decide between which shot I liked better, so have both.

And of course, food photos are a must. (I think this is the Asian part of me speaking.)

Not going to lie, I was expecting a tomato based minestrone.. but it tasted much better than it looks! Definitely understand why it’s part of their summer menu!

M: Smashed peas with zucchini & mint, lemon ricotta, pan-fried chorizo, grilled halloumi, fresh lemon over caraway + onion rye toast
H: Citrus-cured chicken breast burger, grilled with brie, in a Leavain Chelsea bun with smashed avocado + cherry jam, avocado salsa + cucumber salad


Mine: Homemade summer minestrone, basil pesto, shaved parmesan, Leavain toasted sourdough
NC: Smoked salmon, shaved cucumber, caper + herb pickle, dill scrambled eggs, smoked tomato compote, seeded peasant toast, fresh lemon

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their picks, and were filled to the brim (I think almost everyone had some left over…) But yes! Very satisfying, and apparently we’ll be making our way back in Winter to try out their Winter menu (which has the very highly sought after ‘mushroom dish’).

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