my getaway day two: 첫눈

120210 // day two

isabel’s breakfast (eggs better than the sisters, orange juice) -> 석계 (seokgye) (yoseob’s restaurant – which was literally a couple of steps away from the exit of the station) -> 10만원 shoes in subway -> 동대문 (dongdaemun) (dongdaemun “shopping complex” (ie TEXTILE FACTORY – might’ve been the one they went to in Cinderella Man), walked along 청계천 (Cheonggyecheon Stream) when it started to snow! my first time seeing snow fall from the sky, dongdaemun shoe market (ㅠㅠ didn’t buy anything), doota (shopping ㅠㅠ money ㅠㅠ walking ㅠㅠ) -> 압구정 (apgujeong) (attempted to get to Kona Bean walked around for forever, which is not an understatement, – 8:30/9 gave up and went to Dongwoo’s instead) -> Guri (Dongwoo’s Octopus Shop! – which will have a post of it’s own coming up tomorrow maybe..) -> Hostel

now playing: something – girl’s day


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