my getaway day two: 인창 쭈꾸미

Four slash five days (3 max, if you take into consideration 2 was spent at the concert venue aha.. ㅠ^ㅠ) really wasn’t enough time for me to check off all the things on my ‘korea to-do’ list, so i had to be (super) selective. At the top of the list though, was 인창 쭈꾸미 – dongwoo’s family octopus restaurant~!
directions: maps
so despite the fact we carried a map with us, we still got a bit confused after exiting the subway station. but lucky for us, it was the night before the concert so there were numerous fans who were headed there and we managed to follow them.

there was nothing fancy with the interior of the shop, but one glance and you’d know whose shop it was. dongwoo left, right, center, at the counters, and on the walls next to the tables. (that’s also one of my favourite photos of him from their guerrilla date filming.)

now playing: something – 정세운, 김아현


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