coconut, milo and white chocolate filling

yellow and purple were our colours of choice when the three of us got together yesterday to try to perfect the art of macaron making. we made one batch, and split the mixture in half, one for each colour. but for some reason the ‘purple’ ones (technically blue and nearing ‘stone’ coloured, by the end of it…) ended up cracked and collapsed (hence the lack of photos) whilst the yellow ones could be considered more of a success.
the original plan was white chocolate and coconut essence/extract for the filling, but it ended up all lumpy and uncooperative, so in went the milo and a bit of water and viola~ (although a little runny) the filling was done~
the filling ended up being too runny for us to use so we had put it into the fridge for a bit, and while we were waiting, we played mario kart on wii~

now playing: 아이돌 하기 싫어 – vixx


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