day five: panic

/it makes me uncomfortable seeing things in my drafts, so i’m quickly posting this before I nod off to bed, before another full day ahead/

120213 // day five

the standard breakfast for the majority of the trip: banana from the hostel and strawberry milk from the gs25 we pass on the way to the subway station.

8:30am morning -> out of the hostel by 10:00am -> 합정역 (hapjeong station) -> walked around 망원동 (manwong-dong) for at least 1.5hours -> got sick of walking so eventually decided to take a bus to try our luck -> finally stumbled upon infinite’s old down in all it’s broken down glory
casually walked past yg by total accident while trying to find our way to the Han River. i ended up having to ask the security guy for directions because we had no idea which way we were going…
also, i swear the gs25 across the road must have the highest number of job applications for part time workers.

our trip to the han river was definitely not what we expected.. ending up with a visit to the police station, a bit of sign language and a lot of waiting. (which makes every overseas trip i’ve been on without my family end up with me ending up visiting some sort of emergency service..)

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