mini corn dog muffins

here’s one of the recipes I mentioned yesterday – taken and adapted from iowagirleats! (i halved the amount, reduced sugar + butter, and used corn flour instead of cornmeal)
 they tasted alright, probably won’t be needing another batch anytime soon though – i made 24, and even when shared between 3 people there’s still around 8 left over.
the muffin(?) part was sweet so went quite well, I suppose, with the saltiness of the sausage. but then again, i drowned mine in tomato sauce before eating, and everything tastes good with tomato sauce…
but point to remember for next time, use smaller sausages! the ones i used for this batch, were cut into 3 but still too big, so those extra small frankfurt sausages would be perfect for next time.

and it’s also the time of year again, when myungsoo birthday projects are starting ㅠㅂㅠthere’s 3 that i’m mulling over (lkimfan, l-aile and allure’l).. mostly because of the photobooks. i need to get around to emailing l-aile about the exact shipping cost, but depending on that, i might only be able to donate to one. ㅠㅠ

then i’ll need to flesh out the advantages/disadvantages and then make a decision…

now playing: shampoo – after school


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