step back into time

yesterdays destination: topshots fun park on the sunshine coast
spotted: a truck full of llamas (or are they alpacas…?)
lunch at a nearby shopping center: mini roast burger with a side of gems from bucking bull ($6.50)

some of the more interesting courses at the mini golf course:

we left at 3:30 in order squeeze a shower and dinner in before small group. but since a few of us had said we wanted to go to the strawberry fields for (the best) strawberry icecream on the way home – we decided that if we were to see the signs and weren’t going too far out of our way to get there, we’d stop by.
once we got to the front of the strawberry fields, there was a sign saying that they were closed which we refused to believe. but lucky for us, the owner(?) of the place waved us over and told us to come in! so we were able to get our strawberry cones – which, if i dare, could rival häagen-dazs’ strawberry icecream.
it was a race against time + the heat to get a few shots in before the whole thing melted.
 and i have no idea why i took this photo, but the colours turned out nicer than i expected aha

now playing: 상남자 – 방탄소년단


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