old habits die hard

so unfortunately, i’ve fallen back into my habit of not updating this blog unless i have pictures to post… (not that anything extremely exciting has been happening anyway). i blame my dislike of walls of text for this.. both writing them and reading them.

but i guess it’s nice one in a while to just type everything out and no rely on photos~ ◕‿◕

so uni’s pretty much up and underway now, assignments have started and group meetings are being arranged and postponed. despite the fact i’m only taking 3 courses this semester it still doesn’t seem like i have that much more spare time – maybe because all my courses are in the afternoon. i’ve always preferred morning lectures (note: there’s a clear difference between morning and 8am). but now that my lectures/tutes start at 2, my mornings are pretty much unproductive and consist of me taking an hour to decide what to have for breakfast…

anyways, group assignments this semester include:

  1. a presentation/report on an imaginary special event
  2. a ‘debate’ on a sustainability scenario (ours in on a folk festival)
  3. a presentation on a self interested topic related to hallyu

the first isn’t too hard since basically all of the courses i’ve taken in the lead up to this course has basically had an assignment along the same lines. the frustrating part is that it’s limited to the st lucia uq campus and must be held between the june/july holidays.

life wise, nothing too interesting! still waiting for the goods from lkimfan’s birthday project to arrive – should arrive around the start of april or mid april at the latest! looking forward to the photobook the most ㅎㅂㅎ
and b.a.p has announced 2 australian stops in their ‘live on earth’ tour, so currently considering going to one of them~ ofc brisbane isn’t one of them, so i’m currently waiting for them to announce venue details to compare the sydney concert with the melbourne one to see which one would pack a softer punch on my back account… just based on the dates though, i’m leaning towards the melbourne stop, but since i’ve never been to melbourne for a concert (this is where my dislike for unfamiliarity kicks in).. i’m not even actually that big of a fan of b.a.p?  but it seems like infinite are never going to come to australia so~ and i’m also telling myself this concert will somehow help in my ‘research’ for my korean research project..
one of the reasons why i would consider not going is that mama is being held in hong kong again on december 3, which is only around a week before uni graduation. so if i want to go to that, i can either use my yearly staff discount ticket, or buy my own ticket (which would mean that i wouldn’t go back for summer).
do you see my dilemma? ㅠㅂㅠ

now playing: 슈퍼주니어의 키스 더 라디오 (14/03/13) Podcast


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