travel bug

so the b.a.p concert venues (along with ticket prices) have been announced! price wise, it was nothing out of the ordinary. vip standing is $189 which is reasonable i guess, seeing as the the kpop fest in 2011 was $289 (but then again, that one had like.. 12 groups aha).
i’ve also come to the conclusion that the sydney concert is out of the equation since the concert’s on the 11th (saturday), and the stakeholder debate i have to do for uni is on the 13th (monday)…
so now the tentative plan is to fly out wednesday (after the uni southbank outing – yes, you read that correctly) then go to the concert thursday, sightsee/be a tourist on friday, and then checkout/fly home saturday. that gives me 2 days to put together whatever i need for the presentation on monday!
i’ve already narrowed hotel choices down to 3 that i think are reasonable price wise, and are decently close to the venue so I can walk/get there early thursday~
now i’m just waiting for the ticket sales dates to see if i can manage to squeeze in the early bird rates for the hotels!

and i can also cross off the honey bee phone case off my wishlist now! ^ㅂ^ mum wanted me to buy her a couple of new iphone cases (seeing as her current one has started to turn from white to yellow) so I thought I may as well buy mine along with them and use up the couple dollars left in my paypal account.

now playing: tell me why – toheart


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