rainy days

rainy days are often the most unproductive. well at least for me they are~ but luckily for me I didn’t have uni today, so I didn’t have to go through the internal struggle of whether or not to stay at home and skip out on that 2 hour lecture. ^ㅂ^
something about rainy weather calls for hot chocolates and cup-a-soups, and today i chose to go with the latter. this isn’t my usual ‘go-to’ flavour of cup-a-soups, and i’ve had some pretty bad experiences with the lots-a-noodles range, (and i’m not sure if it was the weather that enhanced the flavour) but it didn’t taste all that bad!
lots-a-noodles creamy chicken and mushroom
 so after watching an old 90’s abc video on youtube which brought back all the good childhood memories, i somehow went on a 2 hour hunt looking for episodes of my old favourite chinese/tvb cartoons that we have copies of on VHS.
  • 為食龍少爺
  • 魔動王
  • 熱血最強
  • 四驅小子
  • 貓貓日記
  • 咕嚕咕嚕魔法陣
  • 同班同學
  • 奇天列大百科
and then ofc you have the classics like 忍者亂太郎 which is still going (and the characters haven’t aged a day aha). i’m definitely missing some more, but i guess i can find those later.
but yes! the plan is to buy some 4bg usb’s, label them and then put them into a box to be discovered in the future which will be a nice surprise c: (that is, after passing them onto the sister for her to watch as well.)

now playing: hello mello – btob


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