welcome to sweet delicious

there’s this one little cafe that i pass on the way home from uni everyday but have never had the chance to visit. so after seeing a sign for a ‘$9.90 t-bone steak special’ that’s only available on monday and tuesdays, we thought we’d go today for an early celebration of the end of the first half of semester.
i ordered the t-bone steak special which came with beer battered chips and a side of salad for $11.90 (would’ve been $9.90 if not for the mediocre mushroom sauce that was an extra $2). the sister ordered the t-bone steak and the ‘bruce lee’ mocktail (which tasted like ribena) for $14.90, and mother ordered the t-bone steak with french pancakes totally $19.90.


  • the beer battered chips were deliciously crispy
  • the t-bone steak was surprisingly cooked to my taste considering they didn’t ask how ‘cooked’ we wanted it
  • parking is a breeze compared to the alternative places we would have to go for this price/food
  • close to home


  • the food served was luke warm
  • when asked for cups of water + a pitcher, we were given one mug with boiling water…
  • the couches and tables were at a really awkward distance from each other
  • the music – some heavy beats (i’m taking t-pain’s ‘apple bottom jeans’ and some eminem..) that didn’t really match the ‘atmosphere’ of the cafe. mind you it got a bit better towards when we were leaving.. some old school maroon 5 and vanessa carlton~
  • since it was an open kitchen, we got wafts of the smell of the detergent/dish washing liquid where we were sitting ^ㅂ^”

I might go back, but it’ll only be to try out their dessert menu~

now playing: mr. chu – apink


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