so as of this afternoon, the first half of this semester is done and dusted! only 6 more weeks to go! (+ 2 weeks of exams if you want to be precise, but i think i only have final, so that hardly counts..)

the break couldn’t come at a better time to be honest.. my sleeping pattern has gone a bit out of whack the last week and a bit since there’ve been a couple of pieces of assessment due.
also ‘overstudied’ (mother insists that doesn’t exist) for a 10% exam aha… ㅠㅂㅠ of the stuff that i studied, i don’t think even 10% of it came out on the test. the one thing i took away from this exam though is that no matter ‘wrong’ it feels, never change a multiple choice answer. just like that 0.5% slipped away through my fingers…
but oh well! spilt milk, splilt milk! (ง´ ▽`)ง
anyways, in some more exciting news, my melbourne trip (flights + hotel + concert tickets) has been finalized + payed for! yay! woo!≧◡≦
there’ll be 2 days where i’m free to sighsee/be a tourist so i still have to sort out where i want to go/where to visit~ 생각만해도 쒼난닿!

now playing: 하루만 – 방탄소년단


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