live on earth in melbourne

warning: wall of text, may not make sense at times, only typing things that pop up in my head as i go along..

turn back time to a little bit over a week ago…
and i was on a plane making my way down to melbourne for the first of two stops of b.a.p’s australian leg of their ‘live on earth’ tour~
after a slightly delayed flight, i finally landed in melbourne during the dead of night, slightly under dressed and unprepared for the chilly 6°c. a ridiculously quick 20 minute ride in the skybus later , i made it to my hotel and was able to check in and get to my room in less than half an hour of landing~! knowing that i was short on time, since i had an early morning ahead of me, i settled in as quick as i could and only unpacked the stuff i would be needing a couple hours later for the concert at LED speed. (and in order to optimize sleeping time…)
so i finally called it a day at 1:30AM…

3 and a half hours later, I was up again and getting ready to head to festival hall for the concert (which was luckily only a 5-10 minute walk from my hotel!) It might seem ridiculously early, but I didn’t want to waste general standing tickets ;;  i’ve always had the thought that if you’re going to go standing, it’s not really worth it unless you’re right at the front..

so i arrived at festival hall at around 6:10AM, and there were already a couple of people all wrapped up waiting in line – 17, to be exact~ apparently the earliest people got there at 4:30AM.. aha… so i put my name on the list and was officially number 18 in line~!
around 2PM everyone started getting antsy about the members not arriving at the hall yet – since they still had to sound check and the doors were slated to open in less 2.5 hours… the line for merchandise opened sometime around then too so there was double the lining up to be done ㅠㅠ
come around 2:45PM-ish, i had picked up my pre-ordered cd (which unfortunately didn’t come with a hi-touch ticket.. did come with a daehyun photocard so that makes up for it aha..) and dropped everything off back at my hotel room and got back into the line at around 3PM, ready to wait some more.
I had expected the boys to have arrived by the time I got back – but to my surprise, they were nowhere to be seen and fans were still waiting around the front close to the loading dock doors for them.
then suddenly more people starting rushing to the front.. and then some random people turned up and were all ‘they’re already inside..?’ and everyone gave up and went back to their places in line…
not seeing the difference between waiting at the front to see them go inside and waiting back in line, i stuck around anyway – just in case they hadn’t arrived yet.
and that obviously paid off because this happened less than 10 minutes later…
the only footage i’m able to salvage from that day seeing as my the phone i took photos with in the concert was stolen (long story that i never want to retell or think about again ;;)
but yeah, after that reality finally set in that this concert was happening and the waiting didn’t seem so tedious/long anymore.
5:30PM rolled around in no time, and we were let into the hall where general standing were all made to sit down in rows (to avoid pushing, I assume – since there was another hour of waiting to be done inside…)
I forgot what triggered it but suddenly everyone got up and pushed to the front and whilst i was in the second row when sitting, by the time everyone had finished pushing i had one and a half arms on the barrier (and eventually secured a comfortable (as comfortable as you can get with 300 people pushing you from left, right and behind..) position on the barricade)
Now usually for a concert, i like to watch a couple of performances to see which side the members i like generally stand on, but for this one i just took a random guess and went with the middle right side. it didn’t end up being too bad since daehyun ended up in the middle most of the time, and for the talking segments youngguk was towards the right side.
taken without zoom or stretching my arm;;;
 ^ that’s the single photo that i have to remember the concert by.. luckily i uploaded one onto twitter the night i got home ㅠㅠ i contemplated uploading more – but didn’t want to go over my internet quota… FOOL ㅠㅠ
anyways, the rest of the concert seemed to fly by, and before i knew it, it was 9PM and they were already performing warrior as their last song. 3 minutes later, warrior was finished and after a couple more minutes of thank you’s and goodbye’s the members left the stage and everyone was pretty much still in shock that the concert had just happened.
so after the concert, i too, said my goodbyes to the friends that i had made that morning and made my way back to my hotel room for some good sleep.
and so the day ended with me lying in bed watching the newest episode of survivor while nibbling on a 肠仔包 from my emergency food stash after realizing i hadn’t had any actual food all day.

now playing: 5/13 shim shim tapa podcast


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