aquariums are my favourite ♡ (warning: image heavy!)

if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that i’m a sucker for aquariums, zoos, science centers and planetariums.
so continuing on from my adventure in melbourne…
another good thing about the hotel i was staying at was not only that it was within a short walking distance to the concert venue, but that there was a free tram stop literally 20m away. so the day after the concert, i hopped on the tram and made my way to the sea life aquarium~!
the aquarium as a whole was definitely a lot smaller than i imagined – i estimated that i’d spend at least 4+ hours there, but was out in 2 (and that’s with me reading every sign, stopping for lunch and taking at least 10 photos at each ‘exhibit’…)
nevertheless though, it was still a lovely day~ (with the penguins definitely being the highlight!)
here are some of the salvageable shots! gifs maybe in another post. (i already considered splitting this post into 2 because there are so many photos..)
pinjarra: one of the world’s largest crocodiles at over 5m in length
hatched crocodile eggs!

and i’m not sure what these guys were doing at an aquarium…


two of my favourite exhibits! i think they were both from the coral reef section…
now for the highlight of the whole aquarium!
i made sure to take extra photos – because daehyun/youngjae and yongguk all pretended to be penguins at one point in the concert the night before~


and some of the cuter temptations at the souvenir shop!

now playing: BTS Cypher PT. 2 – 방탄소년단


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