the early bird catches the worm

So one of the three pieces of assessment I have remaining is an impact report where we are supposed to find a ‘site’ (GOMA/hotel/amusement park etc) and analyse it’s sustainability in terms of the triple bottom line (so environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts). Along with the task sheet, we were also given a list of suggested sites and the one that stood out the most to me was Daisy Hill Koala Centre.
So making this assignment as an excuse for an outing, I finally headed off to the park to fill out the survey/observation ‘checklist’ that I needed to write the impact report. Some checkboxes include ‘practices and design elements that protect native environment’, ‘use of durable and low maintenance materials’, ‘use of natural light’, ‘public spaces that promote social, cultural and recreational opportunities’ etc. Having done the same activity in Southbank earlier this month, I had a pretty good grasp of what I should keep an eye out for.
With clipboard in hand, I arrived at the park at a bright an early 8:30 – making me the first one at the park. The Koala center itself didn’t open till 10AM, so I had a bit of time to myself to wander around taking photos.

A couple of steps in and I came across this little guy c:
And some more of his friends – they eventually all ran away by 9AM-9:30AM because of the families/children that arrived though.
I never realized it, but this park actually doesn’t have any bins in the area, and instead they ask that you take the rubbish with you when you leave. Most probably because they don’t want to attract more crows/scavenger birds then they do already.
And today’s main event~
Koala A was awake for about 3 minutes…
(Koala A) then went back to this position for the remainder of the day ^ㅂ^”
(I never realized how creepy looking koala’s arms were?)
Mum joined me for lunch in the park after finishing work c:
We eventually had to pour the soup from the cup noodles into an empty ice tea bottle because we were scared it might spill in the car.

now playing: paradise – 인피니트


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