homemade boxy bag ♡

finally! after 2 weeks of multiple setbacks! my boxy bag is finished! ^ㅂ^
I’ve had this tutorial bookmarked for a while but never found time during the semester to go fabric shopping/sew. But since it’s the holidays, I finally took up the opportunity to put my grade 8 home economic skills back to the test.
This would’ve been finished at least a week ago if not for our loyal sewing machine breaking down just before the last 2 sides that had to be sewn.. ㅠㅂㅠ I finally gave up on the machine after it showed no signs of fixing itself so I ended up having to hand sew the two sides and inner four corners…
It’s the perfect size for a makeup bag and is small enough to fit in a purse but large enough to hold all your basic makeup items! c:
The outer fabric was supposed to more of a tapestry quality so the box can hold it’s shape better, but the fabric i used worked out fine as well! ^ㅂ^

now playing: light – 김성규


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