hot pot?

so a few days ago when mum and i went late night shopping, we walked past the local coffee club and saw a sign outside advertising their new ‘irresistible winter hot pot’ specials. from the sign, it looked more like some sort of 찌개 then the traditional ‘hot pot’ i’m used to but we decided to be adventurous and give it a try for lunch today (since we had a few things to pick up for actual hot pot later tonight anyway~).
There was a choice of 2, one breakfast hot pot and the other was a pulled beef one which I assume was more of a lunch meal c:
lean ham and pineapple sandwich


the baked brekkie hot pot with chorizo, bacon and mushrooms in a Napoli sauce,
topped with two poached eggs, served with toast.

now playing: 41일 – sunggyu


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