early days, sleepless nights

Dare I say it, but these past few weeks have been the most hectic weeks of my 4 years of university. 
  • Finally finished writing up my research paper(?) for my presentation in September. (I prepared a 15-20 minute presentation, only to be told that the allotted time is 7 minutes. hah…)
  • Sorting out/Scheduling placement interviews at uni
  • Getting settled/catching up with the huge workload that is our placement/project. (Really, super duper looking forward to working on this though!)
  • Booking/finalizing details for impending Korea trip
  • Party planning
  • Chasing up fansites for outstanding support goods (this has been the most pain in my butt to be honest…)

Everything’s kind of built up to the past few weeks, (which I only have my procrastinating self to blame) but now that it’s all over and done with, I can take a breather and slowly catch up with life these coming weeks.

now playing: 너 사용법 – 에디킴


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