reasons to be thankful 2/3

Day two of the thankfulness challenge! 
Three things that I’m thankful for today:

  1. Music: Whether it’s the music I used to listen to, the music I listen to now, or worship music I sing to on a Sunday – they all, at some point in time, relay the unspoken words that I meant to say and feelings that I can’t seem to put into words.
  2. Him being my father: As I learn more about Him and His qualities, the more I understand about what a father is supposed to be like, and little by little, I feel reassured knowing that I will always have a heavenly father in Him.
  3. Life: A bit of a cliche, but there really is no greater gift that he’s given me… The mood has been so heavy lately with deaths of the two members of the Ladies Code, that I’ve really taken time to reflect on my life and whether or not I’m really /living/, and carrying out what God intended for me to do.

now playing: love love love – 로이킴


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