carpe diem ♡

So if you rewind back to February, I was faced with the important decision of whether to donate to l-aile, or lkimfan for myungsoo’s birthday support. I ended up donating to lkimfan (foolish of me), and seeing as the donation goods still hadn’t arrived by late August, when l-aile posted up a notice saying that she was having a stock sale of the extra photobooks left over from her birthday support, I jumped on the opportunity.
I went with set 3, seeing as I would have no use for the calendar, with it being August and all, and the photobook was the main reason for donating anyway. The photobook is made up of 160 pages of photos from 2013 from Myungsoo’s Running Man filming, all the way up till the MBC Gayo Daejeon.
The parcel finally arrived after a bit of chasing up, and here’s what it looked like!. 

Can’t leave out some semi-meaningful English quote?

now playing: BE I – B.I


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