reasons to be thankful 3/3

wrapping up the last day of the thankfulness challenge.

three things i’m thankful for today:

  1. Laughter: or more, reasons to be laugh I think. Whether it’s a good 3 minute laugh over something insignificant, or little spurts of laughter over an error that either my mum/sister or I made.
  2. A hobby of my own: I guess it’s not a conventional hobby, and so I guess I don’t realize that it could, in a sense of its own be a hobby, but I’m thankful to God for opening me(?) up to the Korean culture? My mum and I try to imagine what I would be now if I hadn’t stumbled upon her watching Boys Over Flowers all those years ago and we have a good laugh over it. Like musicians who forget that music was once their hobby since it’s become their job, I tend to overlook the translating, dramas, blog searching, movies since they’re not the most productive hobby out there.
  3. Mid-Autumn Festival: Mooncakes and lovely views of the moon! Though, I’ve had enough of the moon for a while though, all those moon related sentences for my Korean mid-semester this morning ;;

now playing: in days gone by – nell


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