day one + two: daejeon

September 16, 2014

The day started off early with a 8:25am flight on Korean Air to Incheon, South Korea. There weren’t that many movies to choose from this time around (less variety than there was on Singapore Air..) but my choices of in-flight entertainment this time around were Divergent, The Amazing Spiderman 2, The Fault in Our Stars and a few episodes of House, which pretty much kept me busy/awake for the whole flight~

After a bit of confusion trying to find the people that were supposed to pick me up at the airport, (bad timing with all the VIP guests arriving for the Incheon Asian Games..) we finally found each other, and I finally met the delegates from 5 of the other countries.

There was no time to be spared, as the next bus departing for Daejeon was scheduled to leave at 7:30. So after grabbing a quick dinner at the airport McDonald’s, we set off on our 2.5 hour bus trip from Incheon to Daejeon! I’m pretty sure everyone took the chance to get some shut eye ahead of the busy days ahead of us, but I’m not sure if it was the adrenaline that was still running through me, but I wasn’t feeling very sleepy and ended up listening to Sunny’s FM Date for the majority of the ride.
2.5 hours later, we finally made it to Daejeon! A short 15 minute taxi ride later, we arrived at the University where we would be staying, 배재대학교 (Pai Chai University), and made our way to the male dormitories – where we would all be spending the next 4 nights! c:
no, this is not a prison
Staying on the 5th floor guest rooms, we quickly split off into pairs and called it an early night~

September 17, 2014

First official day of the trip started off a bit foggy (I still can’t believe the view from the dormitories… the campus had to be at least a few times bigger than the UQ one…)

The weather quickly cleared up though, as the first stop of the day was the Daejeon International Centre where we picked out our favourite hanboks, and wore them as we made our way to a 한옥 (the name escapes me – i’ll have to find out what it was called…)
For lunch, we had 갈치 and some other fish that I forgot the name of… Our first Korean meal! The 미역국 was super delicious! The 누룽지탕 was a bit of a culture shock to all of us aha………
After lunch, and heading back to the DIC to grab our bags and to get out of the hanboks, we headed back to the university, to the conference(?) hall where we would be presenting the next day to have a rehearsal for the forum. This was also the first time everyone (presenters and translators) met! No first meeting goes without a bit of awkwardness, but I think we went pretty well.
The next few hours were a mixture of getting to know our partners, to running through our scripts on stage. We only had time to get through 3 speeches since most of us went overtime – seeing as we were already running 1+ hour late, we ended up having to move to another room to cut/edit our speeches so that they were >7 minutes.
An hour and a half-ish later, I finally managed to cut out half of my script, but by the time I was done, there was no time left to wander around the university festival ㅠㅠ So after waiting for a bit for everyone else to finish off, we headed off to the reception/buffet dinner that was held for us in one of the university halls.
After the buffet, the translators went off to the festival to see AOA/NS Yoonji, while us presenters made our way back to the dorms to practice our revised speeches.
the late night snacks that kept everyone going till 12am…

now playing: 2학년 – 방탄소년단


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