day four: seoul tour (경복궁, 인사동, 홍대)

(No, I haven’t forgotten about day three… it’ll come soon!)

September 19, 2014

The day we said goodbye to Daejeon, and left for Seoul!

unofficial breakfast before breakfast – which ended up melting in my bag

I consider the rest stop the first stop on our Seoul tour, since I’ve always been curious of what they were like after watching so many variety shows featuring them.

비빔밥 + 미역국: ‘real’ breakfast at the rest stop on the way to Seoul

After another 2 hour bus ride back into Seoul, the second stop on our list was 경복궁 (Gyeongbokgoong Palace). Armed with a partner who claimed he had been there at least 20 times with his friends – we spent the next 3.5 hours wandering around the palace grounds.

You know those places where everything is just so grand that anyone can can a photo of anything, and it can come out looking decent? This place is definitely one of those.
‘poop, come out poop poop’

After our time at 경복궁, we got back on the bus and made our way to 인사동 (Insadong) – where we had afternoon tea and spent the rest of our free time walking around looking for phone cases.

밭빙수 (Korean Shaved Ice)
The shop was covered in notes/doodles/letters that previous customers had left behind. We made sure to write our own before leaving!
Fast-forward through the next few hours since all we did was walk…
(The most walking I’ve ever done in my life…)
The last thing scheduled for the day was to have dinner all together at a 삼계탕 restaurant –  which was interesting – totally not what I was expecting, even though I’m used to seeing a whole chicken in my bowl… I’ll leave it at that.
After dinner, we got back onto the bus, and made our way to the hotel we would be spending the night at – we arrived in less than 10 minutes, before We I had to say a tearful final goodbye (all because of Abby..) to the Korean partners who headed back down to Daejeon.
So after quickly getting settled into our new hotel rooms, a few of us wanted to go to the 노래방 (originally we had wanted to go with the Korean students, but the schedule was too packed…), so we took 3 taxis, and made our way to Hongdae!
No photos of Hongdae since I was too socially awkward to whip out my camera and take photos amongst the crowds of people… Not to mention the awkwardness of going through Hongdae in a taxi while the people outside are walking faster than the taxi….
Personally didn’t sing much at 노래방 – did a duet of an IU song with Claire and that was about it~
That wasn’t the end of it though – after deciding it would probably make more sense to walk back to the hotel after the taxi ride proved to be slow and inefficient, our trip back to the hotel took an unexpected 2.5 hours….
The others gathered at Claire’s room to eat the chicken we bought at Hongdae, but seeing as it was nearing 1AM, I had a quick shower and went to bed.

now playing: 견딜만해 – 매드 클라운


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