day six: lotte world

September 21, 2014

Planned to meet at 잠실역 at 9AM since Lotte World opened at 9:30. I left the guesthouse extra early (just in case I got lost) and ended up getting there early (and without getting lost~!).
Despite the amount of people at Myeongdong at night, there’s not a soul to be spotted in the early mornings. (If you can even call 8AM early morning…)

Walked past this on a daily basis – along with a few EXO ones that hadn’t been taken down yet (considering that Baekhyun’s birthday was back in May…)

Two of us waited till 9:20 for the others to come, until we decided it’d probably be better if we went in first.
The first batch of rides which took us the whole morning included Atlantis, then a ‘Claw’ like one (pictured below’, the Gyrodrop (think Giant Drop), Ghost House (which was like a 3D movie about a cat that wasn’t very scary..), and then an underground rollercoaster.
By the time we were lining up for the underground rollercoaster, we were all starving – so we headed back inside to a section of restaurants where we had lunch before exploring the rides/games inside.
Curry Chicken Udon + Mountain Dew
We decided to take it easy for a few rides straight after lunch – since we didn’t want it to come back up. So we went on a water ride (FOOL) where you’re not supposed to get very wet, but the back of my shirt ended up soaking wet aha…. ㅠㅠ There’s a similar one at Dreamworld I’m pretty sure, but the name escapes me. 
After a long rest, we resumed the ‘extreme’ rides – and we went on the Viking! (Honestly not so much scary as it is fun~)
It was almost time for one of us to meet up with her friends so we quickly decided which rides we had left and went through them as quickly as possible.
The one that had caught my eye from the moment we were inside was the ‘Tomb of Terror’. It was exactly was I expected the Ghost House to be – a haunted house. The downside was that it was an extra 3,000 won on top of the already dear entrance fee. But the upside is that it was only 3,000 won – so why not~!
Ended up coming out crying – details of which I will spare you. And to think I wanted to go to the Horror House in Everland. 3,000 won well spent.
We quickly played a few more shooting games before it was time to leave. Dragons, Cowboys, Gremlins – we shot them all~!
After spending a good 6-ish hours there, it was time to go home! So it was straight back to the guesthouse for me~

now playing: oll’ ready – 올티


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