day seven: 16,000 step seoul tour (63 building, 여의도, 남대문, 명동)


September 22, 2014

I think I should point out that at this stage, my toe was pretty badly infected and my right foot was bandaged up, and I only managed to walk out of sheer determination not to waste precious time in Korea. But I digress…
The plan for today was to meet up with an old friend from uni who I studied Korean with, and is currently studying her masters in Korea~ We met up at 명동역 at around 10, where we took the train to 여의도 but somehow ended up getting off at 노량진역 instead I think.. and ended up walking around the fish markets for 15 minutes before deciding to take the bus to get to the 63 building.
View of the 63 building from the outside – wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be to be honest…
After trying to decide where to go next, we headed off to 여의도공원 and walked along the 여의도 side of the 한강.
There were these random signs along the walk that said ‘Photo Zone’ or something along those lines, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would take a photo of the scenery they had pictured. But here they are…


Photo Zone 1
Photo Zone 1

We walked for a good hour(?) I would say? (At least it felt that long… and in the hot sun too… lucky I remembered that I had an umbrella halfway through our stroll.)

Both feeling a bit peckish after our long walk, we made our way to 명동 by bus for lunch and did a little bit more walking before settling on 김가네 where I had an udon and N, a 참치김밥. After dropping by the post office so N could send off letters to her boyfriend who’s currently serving in the army, we walked around 명동 for a bit, before walking over to 남대문. We both didn’t really have anything in mind that we wanted to buy, so we mostly just skimmed through the markets/shops.
After 남대문, we walked back to 명동 and did a bit more walking before we decided to finally have a rest at a nearby Ediya Coffee. The shops along that side of the road were all facing Namsan Tower, so we had a very a nice view of it from our window seats as we were sipping on our iced chocolate/coffee. (I think we stayed there for at least 2 hours… the sun was setting by the time we left aha.)
The last bit of shopping we did was through 명동 – went to Art box, Daiso, and picked up a few things from etude house. We called it a day after our bit of shopping seeing as people in 명동 were starting to pile up, and N still had to make her way back home~

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