day eight: wiki cafe, last goodbye

So I just realized I still haven’t finished posting from my trip back in September – whoops. (Not that there’s much left – this is the last one aha). This one has been sitting in my drafts for a /very/ long time.

23 September, 2014

Woke up at around 8AM, but it was still quite early, so I took another nap and woke up at around 8:30. Rolled around bed for a while and headed out of the guesthouse at 10:15 and dropped by across the road to the 명동 shopping area for a quick shop. Picked up a couple of things from Etude house and shara shara (purely because Myungsoo is their model… ended up spending a lot more than I intended…)
One of the things that was on my list of things to do was visit Sungmin’s ‘Wiki Cafe’ – so I decided to head over there for lunch. Set off at around 11:30 and ended up getting there with a bit of a hiccup – I took the wrong line which wasn’t too big of a deal, it just meant that I had to travel an extra station. After arriving at Anguk, I managed to find my way to the cafe pretty easily by following the directions on their Facebook page.

It was a hot day and I was only feeling a bit peckish, so I ordered a lemonade and gelato waffle that actually tasted pretty good and only costed $10! (Not sure why it’s called a ‘gelato’ waffle, because it was clearly ice-cream on top aha…)
One of the things I do like about Korean culture is that it’s perfectly socially acceptable to order one drink and sit in a cafe for over 5 hours. The cafe’s usually provide everything you need to stay occupied – power points (and plenty of them) and most have wifi as well.
Anyways, I digress…
lemonade + gelato waffle

There weren’t that many fans when I got there, but by the time I left – the place was packed. Fans downstairs taking photos with the wall and writing post it notes to stick on the wall.

Decided I had enough walked for a bit so I made my way back to the guesthouse around 1:45 and took a nap till 3PM. Andrew said that he was taking the 2PM bus so he’d be free for dinner later.
Since I had a bit of time before needing to head out again, I went back to migliore for some last minute shopping, before going back to the hostel and lounging around for a bit till 4:50PM.
Decided to meet up at 6PM at 강변역 but ended up being 10 minutes late since I got out of the guesthouse late and the train didn’t come for a while ㅠㅠ
Went to the hi-mart near the station and started to look for dinner – went with fusion – 치즈 닭갈비 볶음밥 for $7! bargain!
After dinner we walked around for a bit – to the sky lounge of the building which was free (unlike 63 building) then went to the ‘multibang’ where I had my round 2 of karaoke. There was still around 45 minutes left before the last bus, so we bought a 1,000 ice-cream and ate it at the sky lounge whilst enjoying the night scenery. It was pretty icy and not really ice-cream, but for $1, it was definitely worth it – plus, it was massive!
Went back to the station with a few minutes to spare and said goodbyes and left our separate ways~
Another socially awkward solo traveler moment, but there was so many people on the train that I couldn’t get off at Myeongdong and had to get off a station later and then take the opposite train back in the other direction aha.

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