hello, 2015! sorry i’m late!

The original plan was to start posting things from the holiday as soon as I got back, but ended up bed bound for a few days with a fever and no appetite :c Luckily I’m 100% recovered, so I thought I’d just quickly throw a few preview(?) shots from some of the upcoming posts (as well as to show off the new theme to go with the new year~).
I still haven’t planned exactly how I’m going to post these since the ones from the aquarium/zoo have quite a few photos… At this point I’m thinking of separating it into two posts (hotel + zoo)?
Anyways, I digress. There’s a lot of catching up to do, so I’m going to finish this post off here!

141204 ♡ MNet Asian Music Awards

150117 ♡ VIXX – First Fan Party in HK

141222 ♡ Chimelong Safari Park

150105 ♡ Chimelong Ocean Kingdom


now playing: 우리구술 – gfriend


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