141203 ♡ mnet asian music awards

After finding out that I still had 8 units (4 courses) left of my arts degree, and wouldn’t be graduating on what I thought would be the 12th of December, the first thing I did was buy tickets to MAMA.
I bought tickets to both the Red Carpet ‘party’ and the actual awards ceremony – which ended up being a huge mistake and a total mess, which was handled terribly by the event organizers. (It’s at times like these where I think that studying events has kind of ruined events like this for me but hey~)
I got to the venue earlier than I needed to get there by, so I was wondering around Asia Expo by myself for a good half an hour before a stranger came up to me and asked if I could help her hand out her EXO banners.
Thinking that it was a good way to waste time since I’d be wandering around by myself till 5PM anyway, I took up the offer and spent the rest of the day handing out EXO banners and cards(?) to fans whilst trying to communicate with the girl in mixed English and sorry attempts of Mandarin whilst trying to cover up the fact that I was an Infinite fan. The fansite(? I think it was EXO Malaysia or Singapore or something aha) had little Christmas presents for fans as well which I personally thought was super generous considering they were handing banners out for free as well.
The red carpet was a mess – I don’t expect these events to be perfect but honestly, the lack of signage, information and staff that actually had a clue about what was going on made the whole event reek of n00bness.
How MAMA sucked could have been better:
  • The ‘queuing number’ on the tickets were irrelevant – there was never a line formed to get into the red carpet, people were just let in (with stools, at that). Mind you, I was already on my toes because my ticket was in the 400’s, but after finding out that the girl I was with was in the 1000’s, I rest assured that there were more people after me than before but nooooope.
  • The Red Carpet was scheduled to finish at the same time as the ceremony – which meant there was no time for people to go from A to B without missing a bit of one or the other. In my case, I chose to leave after Infinite left in order to get closer to the stage at the actual ceremony, which meant that I missed EXO at the red carpet. (Which I’m honestly not crying over, but I did pay the full price – it’d be nice if I got to see everyone…)
  • Clueless/Misinformed staff – After finding out that the red carpet and award ceremony times overlapped, I asked a staff member whether there would be time for people to move from the red carpet to the ceremony, to which I was told that there would “be plenty of time”… Most of the staff members also didn’t know what times lines were supposed to start forming or where which ways the exit/entrances were..
  • Inconsistency with security checks – I went with the expectations that people would bring stools. I didn’t however, expect people to bring steel step ladders. Then they stop people from stepping on the bottom (10cm max) ledge of the barricade because of “saftety reasons”, but do nothing about the step ladder.

All of them were pretty much preventable and just logistics issues, so there really isn’t any excuse.
Anyways, onto the more exciting stuff!

I realized as I was putting this post together that I didn’t take that many photos during the night – I predominately took videos so maybe a compilation fancam video is on it’s way. No promises.

Kwangsoo and Jihyo // Lee Jonghyuk and Na Myunjoo Nam Joohyuk // Song Seunghyun // Taeyang

(It was a total surprise seeing Joohyuk at the airport – even he himself didn’t know why he was invited aha.)

I know that’s not a lot, but that’s it for now! I’m sick of trying to salvage photos

now playing: my love – eddie kim


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