150105 ♡ chimelong hengqin bay hotel

A few weeks after visiting Chimelong Safari Park, we headed off on our second trip to China, this time to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom – Safari Park’s aquarium counterpart. We were also given free tickets to the newly opened water park, but considering the cold weather we decided to skip out on that and spend all of our time at the aquarium instead. (I’m actually a bit hesitant just calling it an ‘aquarium’ since it was more of a combination between ‘aquarium’ and ‘theme park’, with 3 differently themed roller coasters around the park.)
Our ticket package this time included:
  • One night stay at Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel
  • Two admission tickets to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
  • Two admission tickets to Chimelong Water Park
  • Hotel Buffet Breakfast
  • All transport costs


Anyways, this time, instead of travelling by bus, we had to go to Tsim Sha Tsui to take a boat directly to Zhu Hai (which took around 2 hours), then go through immigration, then take a shuttle bus from the transport centre to the hotel which took another 45 minutes.
The streets of China really didn’t seem too unfamiliar – it reminded me a lot of Taiwan.
Once again, the interior of the hotel was on-point with everything themed around the underwater world. Dolphins lined the hotel lobby, with light fixtures designed to look like pearls (or turtle eggs, I wasn’t too sure..), and even the lights on the side of the ways were themed.
Considering that Ocean Kingdom is still relatively new compared to Safari Park, I have to say that the rooms weren’t quite up to par as I would have expected. The ‘ocean’ theme wasn’t quite carried out as well in the rooms as the ‘jungle’ theme at Safari Park and they also didn’t have KBS World.
To my surprise though, both hotel didn’t have any pamphlets talking about animal conservation or helping the environment (reusing towels, turning off lights etc) which I thought was a shame.
The view from outside our room balcony. Our room was at the front side of the hotel, whilst the rooms lined along the back of the hotel had views of the pools and sea(?).
Whilst trying to decide whether or not we would have lunch, we took a little trip and explored the exterior of the hotel (which was basically a ghost town since it was winter).
One of the ‘pools’ was called the ‘dolphin pool’ which housed a few dolphins and sea turtles.
One of the shallower pools connected with the ‘dolphin pool’ with there being a cave that looked directly into the (rather bare) enclosure.
We ended up not having lunch since we stumbled upon an ad for a buffet at one of the hotel restaurants (where seats surrounded large aquariums and it was all open kitchen~) called ‘Coral All day dining’
I was too excited to take more photos, because this was honestly the best buffet that I have ever been to. Everything was just good. So good. Too good. ‘I’d come back just for the buffet’ good.
There wasn’t a time limit at the buffet, but we were tipped off by the staff that there would be a fireworks show at the back of the hotel at 8:30PM, so we literally tore ourselves away from the buffet at around 8:20PM.
But nothing. We waited and waited, till 9:00PM, and there wasn’t a single pop. Slightly disappointed since we had been waiting in the cold, but not too upset since we got to walk off some of the food we had just consumed, we made our way back to our room and had a bit of a beauty night~
(The point of the picture below is the silhouette of the dolphin!)

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