150114 ♡ choi jinhyuk hong kong fanmeeting – the first date

So coincidentally, whilst on our way to Sha Tin by bus, an ad for upcoming concerts/events started to play on the roadshow TV. One of them happened to be for the first stop of Choi Jinhyuk’s Asia fanmeeting tour which was happening January 14th. The ad was over and the next thing I knew, I was pressing the ‘confirm’ button on my phone to finalize one ticket to the show… Luckily(?) not that many people went so I was still able to get a seat that was close to the stage (I was in row G) despite tickets having opened for a couple of days!

I used this night as a ‘testing the waters’ event, since the VIXX fanmeeting I also bought tickets to was being held in the same hall at the same venue (Rotanda 3 at the Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Centre).

There was plenty of time before the show started, so we shopped and ate dinner at Telford Plaza (my favourite hot pot from fairwood!) before taking the complimentary shuttle bus directly to the venue.

As usual, the fanclub prepared some cheering tools(?) – we were supposed to hold up the banner at a specific time, but there was a bit of confusion since the instructions on the back of the banner were different to what the MC was telling us…

The night consisted of one game (guessing the condiments fed to them by Jinhyuk) with fans, and several chances at winning signed polaroids (taken with him), a hug, shooting a music video with him, and several live performances. He was constantly apologizing for not being able to sing well (which is understandable since he literally just wrapped up filming for Pride and the Prejudice and slept for 2-4 hours including the time on the plane. Anyways, the live performances were honestly not the best (I was cringing in my seat a bit at the high notes…). You could feel how sorry he was though, he repeated over and over again, and kept kept stressing that we should go to see him on the 14th in Taiwan.
I was holding it in at the time, but I was actually super duper excited to see him. Ever since ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’..

I think he looks exactly the same in person as he does on screen. So no ‘woah…’ moment for me, but I think he was a lot taller than I expected – not that I really know how tall he is compared to me since I didn’t get to go on stage~

We celebrated his birthday~ And then he did a little d’n’m speech about him having to go away since he has to enlist this year. It would’ve been a lot better if the interpreter had done his job properly but hey, I was too busy paying attention to Jinhyuk to pay attention to what he was saying anyway. (I just remember a few times where he totally mistranslated what he said and I was scratching my head in my seat.)

On a sidenote, two more of our packages have arrived from Hong Kong, so now I’ve got all my clothes, shoes, cosmetics and cd’s that I bought! woo! And the limit on my paypal account should be lifted tomorrow after I call the head office, which means I finally get to buy a new camera! (as well as the stuff in my bookmarks folder~ ohoho)

now palying: 너무 very 막 – MYNAME


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