150117 ♡ vixx the first fan party in hong kong

Trip number two to KITEC was for VIXX’s first fan party in Hong Kong on the 17th of January. The setup of chairs and stage were pretty much exactly the same as Choi Jinhyuk’s fanmeeting. I bought a $880 ticket – seeing as it was closer to the front than some of the $1180 tickets, which ended up being a great choice because unbeknownst to me, there was actually a high-touch for all fans who bought $1180, but but at the end of the fanmeeting they said that $880 and $680 tickets were included as well. This time, instead of being on the right hand side, I was on the left hand side (facing the stage), right at the end of my row – which meant there was noone in front of me blocking me view~ oho~ But then again, I was in the second ‘block’ of seats, so I pretty much relied on my camera to see the members up close.

VIXX aren’t my bias group, but they’re a group that I make an effort to watch performances of when they have their comebacks. Error wasn’t my cup of tea, but all their releases before that (+ choreography) are something that I sometimes wish Infinite could try out (even if it’s just once – but I have a feeling ‘Moster Time’ is the closest we’re going to get…). And I use to enjoy listening to the VIXX trio when they were regulars on Younha’s Starry Night..

The first few performances and introductions were done in suits~

After the first round of performances, the members went backstage to change, and the next session started with a Q&A session – where the members picked questions from fans that were written on post it notes.
This was probably the most frustrating part of the whole night since the translators and MC were getting translations wrong, not giving time for the members to actually answer the questions (we never got to see Hyuk’s 야자타임 ㅠㅠ..) You could see the members were clearly confused as well, since they were about to answer the question, but then the MC would be like ‘MOVING ON~~’. This gives me more false hope that I can look into interpreting jobs in Hong Kong…
Then the next section was the games part, where the members were challenged to each make their own ‘mango sago drink’ given a table full of ingredients. They were allowed to put anything they wanted, and then after they were all finished, they would play the ladder game to decide who’s drink they had to drink.
After they tasted each others drinks, they piked out 6 people and signed their aprons for them~

The final session consisted of a few more performances, closing (com)ments, and then after a bit of waiting, an encore performance where they threw autographed balls (that people surprisingly didn’t seem too interesting in..?)

After the encore performance finished, there was about half an hour(?) of waiting whilst everyone prepared for the high touch. Our section was the first to be lined up, and there was about another 20 minutes of waiting in line before we were led outside where the members were standing in line along the hallway at the exit of the concert hall.

Now I knew that there would be no time to make actual conversations with them, so during the close to hour of waiting prior to the high touch, I had thought of simple things to say to each of them.. (‘호텔킹 잘봤어요!’ ‘하숙 24번지 잘봤어요!’ ‘다음엔 꼭 호주로 오세요!’ etc) But I walked through the door, saw Leo and literally my mind went blank and all I could manage was ‘안녕하세요’ x6 ha….The first person was Leo, then Hongbin, Ravi, N, Hyuk and finally, Ken. It really didn’t help that they were all wearing white and it looked like there was 후광 behind all of them ;;

Hongbin had leaned forward a bit so I remember clearly looking into his eyes then Ravi because he was next, but for the rest of them everything was kind of a blur and I think I was too focused on staring at their hands and not missing their hand when high five-ing… (One of their hands were super soft – i think it may have been Hongbin but I’m not 100% certain ㅠㅠ)

And an update on the new camera! It’s been shipped from it’s original location (finally!) and is on it’s way from New York! It’s a shame I couldn’t get my paypal account cleared faster since I”ll be getting the camera just as uni starts which means no time to fiddle around with it ㅠㅠ

now playing: sing sing sing – 에디킴


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