Hong Kong (Food) Favourites ♡

So as I was putting together a list of my Hong Kong favourites following my trip just passed, I couldn’t help but notice that other than a few beauty related things, a majority of the things that I loved were all food related. So pushing back the beauty favourites for another day (if I ever get to it…), I’ve decided to use this as an excuse to post food photos to post a list of some of the food/restaurants/meals that I look forward to every time I go back/some new food discoveries that I found myself loving in Hong Kong.

Häagen-Dazs’ Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry flavoured ice-cream with small pieces of real strawberry pulp and small chunks of cheesecake base.
I’ve expressed my love for this flavour before, and I’m going to do it again. (Honorable mention goes to their chocolate flavour too) I first had this flavour in Macau when we were vising the Ruins of St. Paul, and since then I’ve found that not all Häagen-Dazs stores have the flavour (at least the one at Langham Place didn’t have it..) But low and behold, one day mum came back from her usual grocery shop with the glorious flavour IN TUB FORM! (I might still prefer it in a waffle cone, but tub form is better than not having it all!) Needless to say, it didn’t take too long for me to finish the whole tub… (In my defense, it wasn’t like the 1L tubs Australia has, it was more of a ‘large’ cup size at usual ice-cream shops?)
Why aren’t you available in Australia!!

Vietnamese Pho

Lime Garden
Maritime Square, Tsing Yi
I’ve read mixed reviews of this little shop in Tsing Yi, but I personally have had nothing but great food and service every time I go. The shop can get a little crowded since they’ve gotten a lot busier over the couple of years, but it should be fine as long as you avoid going during peak lunch hours (12-2PM).
My go to menu item is the ‘Tender Raw Beef Noodle in Soup’ which is $47 (was previously only $33 in 2012 ㅠㅠ). It used to be available as part of their lunch/afternoon tea menu for $50 which included a drink as well, but I didn’t see that available this time around.

Thousand Year Egg and Shredded Pork Congee

海皇粥店 (Ocean Empire)
Mei Foo Shun Chuen, Mei Foo

I have two favourite stores when it comes to congee in Hong Kong. One, which is right below our apartment, is where I fulfill my plain congee + soy milk cravings. This is the shop I go on my way home after concerts since they’re the only restaurant open at 11 at night.

Then we have Ocean Empire, which is my uncle’s favourite congee shop. They’re a major chain restaurant in Hong Kong, and with good reason. The service is efficient, food served within 5 – 10 minutes of ordering, which means you’re in and out of the restaurant within half an hour – 45 minutes tops. Not to mention the food tastes like it’s homemade – and all at a very cheap price.

The special thing about the congee in this shop is that they line the bottom of the bowl with lettuce, so you’re getting at least some sort of vegetable intake aha. One ‘Thousand Year Egg and Shredded Pork Congee’ for $22 plus a ‘twisted doughnut’ for $10, which is $32 all together – less than $6 for a heart/soul/stomach-warming meal!

Rice Noodles/Vermicelli

米線陣 (Mi Xian Sense)
Maritime Plaza, Tsing Yi
The first time we went to Maritime Plaza in Tsing Yi, we accidentally coincided with the office lunch time rush so Lime Garden was pretty much full + had a line of people waiting for seats. So instead we settled for the ‘Mi Xian’ restaurant that we had never tried before.
The highlight of this meal wasn’t the ‘Rice Noodles with US Beef, Cheese Stuffed Balls in Tomato soup’ that I ordered, but the grape soda that I had with it. Maybe a little on the sweet side, the soda wasn’t your regular ol’ soda, it had the little popping balls that you add in frozen yoghurts, which gave even more of a grape flavour~
Rice Noodles with US Beef, Cheese Stuffed Balls in Tomato soup = $39
Grape Soda = $18

Hot Pot

Winter = Hot Pot
But honestly if I could have it my way, it would be winter all year around just so I could have hot pot 365 days a year. (Maybe not literally, but you get the point.) No trip to Hong Kong is complete without hot pot, and I think my mum and I made a silent agreement to just have hot pot when we couldn’t think of what to have for dinner, because 80% of the meals we had were hot pots.
They’re just so convenient! No need to wash up afterwards, no messy prep required, everyone gets their own little pot to eat at their own pace and all of that at under $10 AUD. (At the chain restaurants at least~)
美心MX (Maxim’s MX)
Mei Foo Shun Chuen, Mei Foo

So once we landed in Hong Kong, my mum found out that we had a whole stack of coupons (from our Aunty exchanging her Hong Kong Bank Card points) we could use during our stay in Hong Kong – some were for Wellcome, PARKnSHOP, a few bakeries, and just to our luck, Maxim’s.

My menu of choice at Maxim’s was the ‘Cheese Chikuwa Pot with Beef + Udon’ which came with a large drink for only $53.

The stove came with everything already in the pot, so it takes a while for the pot to boil/before you can add the meat in. (Twice, I’ve had a faulty stove, with only one of the fire things starting – so double that waiting time by two…) My only complaint with this set was that the meat was often 80% fat and 20% red meat.

大快活 (Fairwood)
Sha Tin Plaza, Sha Tin
Probably my favourite of all the fast food hot pots, the hot pot at Fairwood gives a generous amount of soup, vegetables and meat (actual meat, and not meat hidden between wedges of fat) and it also comes with a drink and udon. Everything is served separately too, so you’re free to enjoy and eat at your own pace.
It’s probably a good thing there isn’t a Fairwood in Mei Foo, because I can foresee myself just living there…
You’re given the choice of 8oz of pork or beef, or 4oz of each.
野家 (Yoshinoya)
Mei Foo Shun Chuen, Mei Foo
The hot pot from Yoshinoya is probably up there in my list of favourite meals – ever. I probably couldn’t have this everyday, but maybe once a week? Yeah, I think I could do that. One is probably enough for two people who are feeling peckish, and just right for one who’s hungry. I actually don’t order anything else but this when I go to Yoshinoya. The Cheese Hot Pot set that I get is $52.90.
The best thing about hot pots at Yoshinoya is that you can refill your pot with more soup when you want, since they have a shelf with several pitchers with the various soup bases that they have. Ah, and also, the old ladies that work at the store in Mei Foo are always really polite, smiley, and overall lovely!

All-You-Can-Eat Hot Pot

牛気 (Nabe Urawa)
Mong Kok
We were actually looking forward to reliving our hot pot fantasy at the ‘HiPot’ we had in Jordan, but we found out that it was closed and that they no longer have the buffet style hot pot anymore. Seeing this as an opportunity to try some new restaurants, we stumbled upon 牛気 which was nice and close in Mong Kok.
They’re a newly opened store (with there being a Vietnamese restaurant run by the same owner just next door) so all the facilities were still new, staff very enthusiastic about service, and the owner very eager to hear feedback on your dining experience. Since they’re newly opened, they had an event where you if you liked their page on Facebook, you were treated to a serving of salmon sashimi! Unfortunately I forgot my phone that day so we were only able to get one serving between the two of us ㅠㅠ The only thing about the restaurant that we didn’t really enjoy was their choice of background music – it was a very exotic range of opera mixed with classical..? The taste of their  homemade udon was also quite questionable…
So here, there were a few options you could choose from, so for example set A (the cheapest) included 3 different kinds of meat, set b included 5 (meats of a higher grade), then set c included seafood as well as meat. (The more expensive it got, the more high quality meat was included.) Then depending on the set you ordered, you were able to get unlimited refills of the meat included in that set!
Being too socially awkward and wary of other’s staring, I was unfortunately unable to take photos of the buffet bar, but they pretty much had everything you could want at hot pot (minus tripe :c ).

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